Project Overview
How might we design an original typeface that draws on both the connective and persuasive power of typography and the scientific or theoretical understanding of symbiosis. This theme allowed the exploration into relationships between living organisms and how they interact throughout their life cycle.
Graphic Design, Font Lab, Typographic Design
Image of typeface in a poster
Font Design
Graphic Design
April 2023
The human experience is shaped by the interdependent connections that we create over time. How might we create a typeface that captures the delicate and ever-changing bonds that are formed throughout the human lifespan? The purpose was to create a font that was eye catching yet delicate and invoked a sense of introspection on the way we rely on the relationships in our lives for support and survival. After exploring the many types of symbiosis, the theme highlights a greater understanding of our place in the world and the subconscious traits that we embody from the connections we have.

I researched further visual inspirations that relate to the theme of human connection and how these relationships change humans over time. The idea that as humans we can subconsciously adapt to environments with different people, and we don’t even know that we are doing it has been a second layer to the solution. The communalistic or parasitic nature of drawing specific traits and features from others that we admire, and desire have directly influenced the typeface.
Image of final typeface