Flowered Reflections

UX/UI - Augmented Reality Meditation App
Project Overview
Flowered Reflections is an innovative meditation app that harnesses the power of augmented reality (AR) to create a deeply immersive and transformative meditation experience. This project aimed to revolutionise traditional meditation practices by seamlessly integrating AR technology with breathing exercises, offering users a unique and immersive way to find tranquility and inner balance.

The Problem
In today's fast-paced world, stress and anxiety have become pervasive issues, affecting millions of individuals. Traditional meditation apps, while effective, often struggle to engage users over the long term.

How might we create an experience that not only provides the benefits of meditation but also captivates users in a way that fosters consistent practice.
Skills used
UX Research, UI design, Figma


Starting the research phase with conducting a survey allowed me to understand what users of meditation apps were wanting to improve. When someone starts a new habit they tend to stick to the same app as the practices can become comforting. I looked to uncover areas of these apps that could be improved or added for a complete journey.


All respondents expressed a strong desire for a meditation experience that is immersive and tailored to their specific preferences and needs. The majority of respondents were interesting and open to AR and immersive practices however there were a couple that remained skeptical.

40% of users requested that the app be customisable with the ability to create unique and personalised meditation experiences.

20% of users wanted shorter, focused sessions that can be done during breaks at work.

20% suggested that there is integration with health tracking apps to monitor impact of meditation on overall health metrics.

10% of users want to have guided meditation depending on location and the possibility of virtual reality travel and exploration.

The varying levels of familiarity with technology among respondents highlight the importance of balancing technological enhancements with the authenticity and tranquility of the meditation experience.

The interest in augmented reality presents a significant opportunity to create a more immersive meditation experience. Incorporating AR elements that transport users to serene environments or provide interactive meditation tools could be a key focus.

Overall, the responses further emphasise the need for a user-centric approach, with a strong emphasis on customisation, immersion, and the potential benefits of augmented reality in enhancing the meditation experience.

What are we solving?

How might we create an immersive meditation app that customises to the users needs and allows them to escape into mixed reality.

Finding the style

The initial login and sign up pages started with basic concepts to capture the key information. I wanted to keep the sign up process simple and give options to use already existing platforms.

User testing provided feedback that allowed the designs to develop further. It was found that the 'home' and 'profile' pages served the same or similar purposes and confused users where to go.

As the app is a personalised experience for the user I decided to develop the home screen as the profile page so the entire app acted as a profile. There were key features on the app that were condensed and moved to micro adjustments. These features included tracking, calendars, and journal entries.

The user can swipe through the tracking features on the home screen to easily see their progress and access data. Journal entries are a key feature of the breathing process as this is a way the user can identify certain thoughts and patterns throughout their growth.


User testing also provided insight into the simplest way for users to provide information. The first version of FR required users to click on the emotions that they were feeling before and after a practice. It was highlighted that the format of this felt childish and did not align with how users wanted to feel when using the app. I decided to simplify the UI and change the feedback to sliders.

Alternatively if the user would like to provide feedback in a different way there is an option to adjust this in the user settings.  

A key feature of FR is the quick breathing practices that are updated daily. These are aimed at building resilience in the user so they can be reminded by simple objects in their daily life and perform a quick breathing session.

This user journey shows the flow of entering the app and navigating through a meditation practice. This AR practices allows the user to experience a calm and inviting environment while staying engaged with new technology. The feedback given to the user when the practice is completed allows the user to notice any changes in their body.


As this project is primarily a prototype and won't be developed I can only dream of the many features and experiences that could allow the app to become more spatial. The idea of Flowered Reflections diving into the world of extended reality (XR) sounds wild but intriguing. Imagine putting on some XR gear and being in a whole new dimension of relaxation and mindfulness.