A Dedication to

Project Overview
Design and build a zine using only typography and two colours. The theme is to be based on a typeface that evokes feeling.

To read more about the creation of the zine please click here.
Skills used
Graphic Design, copy writing, layout design
Layout Design
May 2023
The process of developing this zine has been interesting and enlightening. I have always loved the typeface Montserrat which made it super fun to explore and examine. Unpacking what it means to make a zine and delivering each element was a little challenging at first as there was quite a bit of information that I needed to cut down so everything fit and was visually appealing.  Following Timothy Samara's philosophy from "Making and Breaking the Grid," I ventured beyond traditional grid conventions in certain spreads, allowing for experimentation with unconventional layouts, overlapping elements, and unexpected placements. This approach has truly expanded the visual interest within the zine.

Developing skills in print layout has been a valuable learning experience, as translating the dynamic nature of type into an intriguing visual composition proved to be a challenging task. While working with Montserrat has been a pleasure, I have noticed that the overall design feels somewhat flat. In future projects, it would be beneficial to explore techniques that add depth to selected spreads, creating a more immersive and engaging experience for the readers.