Brand Campaign
Project Overview
To create a clothing brand and build the campaign that launches a new line of clothing.
Skills used
Graphic design, branding, layout design, photography, Adobe Photoshop
Branding Campaign
May 2022
Fortify is a unisex clothing label that started a cult following on social media and now has a shop front opening in the new inner-city shopping precinct. This contemporary fashion-forward brand prides itself on being inclusive for all genders. Fortify means to provide a place with defensive works as a protection against attacks. This has created the foundation for the brand as they want to provide a safe space for all customers. The inclusive nature of the label aims to create fashion pieces to strengthen individual style and lift their customers up.

Fortify’s most recent campaign can be seen across three separate platforms. First, we have an Instagram ad that highlights the basic elements of the campaign, secondly, we have the magazine ad to further increase desire for the new fashion line, and thirdly we have an image that is shown on bus stops to grasp the attention of customers while they move through daily life. These images will alternate at each stage of the release to increase the curiosity of the viewer.

These three separate images are intwined to form an intriguing and unique campaign that highlights the vision of the brand. By using images that are similar in form it creates an element of community and acceptance. The squares over the images symbolise the similarities that each person has and that we can move through these to embrace our own individuality.