User experience & Interaction Design
Project Overview
This prototype proposes an expansion of the Airbnb check-in procedure that incorporates safety training to help guests become familiar with their accommodations upon arrival.

By utilising augmented reality, users can easily locate and receive instructions on how to use fire extinguishers, become acquainted with emergency exits, and access any other specific information related to their lodging.
Please see the video below created by Maori Kinjo that beautifully captures our design.
Skills used
User testing, Adobe Indesign, Figma, Adobe Aero
Augmented Reality
Group Project
March 2022
Our group project aimed to create an immersive and interactive experience using augmented reality for maintenance and training purposes. We successfully designed and developed a high-fidelity working prototype that guided users through their guest house, helping them locate and learn how to use a fire extinguisher. Our research revealed that during high-stress situations, common sense and recall often diminish. By providing meaningful and interactive engagement, we aimed to reinforce knowledge and prepare users for emergencies.

The project encompassed various stages, starting with low-fidelity prototyping through storyboards and journey mapping. Using Cinema 4D and Adobe Aero, we then created a high-fidelity prototype that responded to user input, guiding them through the four stages of using a fire extinguisher. To enhance the experience and refine the digital assets, we conducted user testing, interviews, user studies, and employed the talk-aloud method.

This interaction sparked discussions on potential future applications of augmented reality in guest houses, such as experiencing unique features of homes or even staying in guest houses within the metaverse. Together with my fellow group members, Jaime, Jayd, and Maori we achieved a high distinction for the project.
poster of the safteyAR conceptPoster of user evaluationposter of final concept